Freedom for Life Homes FOR SOBER LIVING

New Beginnings through the POWER OF HOME!

About Us


Men's Sober Living Homes

We are a faith based organization dedicated to help those who struggle with alcohol or drug addictions.  Whether men or women, young or old, whatever your color; you still have a destiny waiting for you!  It's called "sober living" through group homes and it's for you.



Women's Sober Living Homes

We have beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods that are secure, safe places to transition back into main stream living.  Our in-house meetings, Life Coaches, help in acquiring good jobs, and much more help in strengthening the success to drug rehab and sobriety.


Homes for "our Vets"

There is a timeless saying, "Give honor where honor is due!"  That truly speaks of our Veterans.  Our way of giving back and bringing honor is to provide group homes specifically for vets.  We provide an atmosphere of peace to facilitate rest, comfort, and healing. 



Who do we work with?

Even if you have a felony, don't count yourself out!  Everyone deserves a second chance and we are here for you.  Our sober living homes work closely with the Department of Corrections as well as drug rehabs and recovery agencies.

What are the cost?

We do not accept any insurance payments.  Our shared room cost are normally around $150 per week.  There is also a nominal, one time non-refundable deposit to secure your placement. 

How do we get started?

Each person interested in moving into sober living  needs to fill out an FFL Homes Application.  Go to "Services" and under "FFL Homes Downloads" you can download the Application.  After filling out the application, either email or fax it back to FFL Homes.  A decision of acceptance will be made within 48 hours.




Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) is a statewide organization of Sober Living Home and Halfway House providers that have proved to provide quality residential recovery services.  AzRHA has members and certified Sober Homes represented in cities from Yuma to Flagstaff, with the majority centered in metropolitan centers such as Phoenix and Tucson. 

AzRHA's main goal and function is the organization, oversight, administration and legislation regarding sober living homes and the betterment of their services to the clients we all pledge to help.  Many State and Private Treatment Facilities, along with the Department of Corrections and the Parole Office work hand in hand with AzRHA; trusting the services that AzRHA Sober Homes and Halfway Houses provide.


 Each Freedom for Life Sober Living Home has been certified by Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA).  They have been inspected for cleanliness and safety and held accountable to high Arizona state standards.